Porting Customers Confirmation


I confirm:

I am authorised to request the transfer of the mobile telephone number listed on this form; and
I have been advised by TeleChoice that by transferring the mobile telephone number listed on this form, the service and/or related services associated with that number may be disconnected from my existing mobile service provider, and may result in finalisation of the account for the service.

Authorisation and consent

I authorise and consent to:

The disclosure of my number and details of this transfer to other service providers, suppliers and financial institutions for the purpose of call and message routing, transferring this service, complaint handling, managing network faults and preventing and investigating fraud; and
the mobile number listed above to be transferred to TeleChoice.


I acknowledge that TeleChoice has advised me that:

Although I have the right to transfer this mobile number to TeleChoice, there may be costs and obligations associated with my existing mobile service and with transferring this mobile number;
I may have an existing contract with my existing mobile service provider; and
such contract may include an obligation to make early termination payments to my existing mobile service provider.
the mobile number listed above to be transferred to TeleChoice.


By submitting an online application you are giving authority to TeleChoice to perform a service qualification check on your mobile service number to see if it is eligible to be transferred. At this stage, no porting request will be put through to your existing provider. Once you have received your TeleChoice welcome pack you will need to initiate the activation and transfer of your number by contacting our activations team on 1800 834 979 and selecting ‘option 2’. Once you have activated and agreed to the transfer, we will communicate with your existing provider to validate your request. We will not be able to complete the transfer if it’s not validated. If we run into any issues we will email you on the email address you have provided. Once it’s validated, we will initiate the transfer. Subject to any cooling off period, the process may take up to 48 hours and your service may be interrupted during this time. We will send you a text when the transfer has been completed.

By transferring this number to TeleChoice, you’re entering into a new contract with us.


If the transfer takes more than a couple of days, please call our activations team on 1800 834 979 and select ‘option 2’ to follow up on the activation.

Transfer enquiries

If you have any questions about the transfer, please call our activations team on 1800 834 979 and select ‘option 2’. You can call this number Monday to Friday between 9:00am to 6:00pm AEST to confirm that the transfer has occurred, to lodge an enquiry or complaint, to determine handset compatibility or to ask any other service activation related question. If you’re experiencing any faults with your service whilst it is being transferred to TeleChoice, please contact your existing mobile service provider.

Equipment compatibility

Your mobile handset may not be compatible with our network if it is locked to your current provider’s network. If your mobile handset is locked, the TeleChoice service will be unusable and there may be a fee to unlock it.


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