Why am I getting an error message about my SIM card?

Why am I getting an error message about my SIM card?

The reason why your phone shows no SIM card error is that your phone is unable to properly read the contents of your SIM card. This usually happens when your SIM card is not installed properly, it is damaged, or your phone has software problems after a software update. Therefore, the phone will not recognize the SIM card and it says no sim card detected. To fix SIM card errors to any phone, follow the following steps below:
  • Reboot Your Phone: To reboot your phone, press and hold down the Power button. Then, choose the Restart option and your phone will turn off and then turn back on its own.
  • Pull Out the SIM and Put It Back In: Eject the SIM card tray on your phone, take the SIM out, wait for half a minute, put the SIM card back in, and slide the tray into your phone. After phone rebooting, check if the device reads your SIM card.
  • Enable and Disable Airplane Mode: The purpose of Airplane mode is to help you disconnect from all network services.
  • Check if SIM Card is not Working on Other’s Phone: You can also try to put the unreadable SIM card into the phone that is working normally. If the SIM card is not working on another’s phone either, then the issue is the SIM card. Otherwise, if the SIM is not working in your phone but working in other phones, then the issue goes to your phone’s SIM card reader.
  • Ensure You Have a Valid IMEI Number: It is a must for each phone to have a valid IMEI number. If your phone does not have this, which is very rare, your carrier will not be able to provide you with their services.
  • Enable Your SIM Card: On most phones where you have dual SIM cards, people often forget to enable the second SIM. This might be the case with you, and your phone does not detect the other SIM card because that card is not enabled.
  • Reset Network Settings: Your network settings tell your phone how to connect to your carrier. If there is an issue with these settings, you might want to reset the network settings and potentially fix the problem.
  If all else fails, call customer service at 1003 835 324 option 4.

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